• Laptop & Desktop repair
  • Through Innova Computers LLC, you can have your computer repaired quickly and efficiently. We offer a variety of computer repair services to meet your needs. Our free consultation will save you time and money from taking your computer to an expensive computer shop just for them to tell you your computer doesn't work. We have over 25 years combined experience solving the most complex and frustrating problems that you have with your computer.

    We can handle any computer issues you are having. Below you will find a list of hardware repairs that we commonly do to Laptops & Desktops:

    • DC Jacks repair or replacement
    • Power Supply Replacement
    • Motherboard Replacement
    • Component Replacement
    • Video Issues
    • Sound Issues
    • LCD Screen Replacement
    • Keyboard / Touchpad Replacement
    • Network / Wireless Issues
    • Hard Drive Replacement and Upgrades
    • Memory Upgrades
    • Issues Powering On
    • Overheating and Shutting Off Repairs
    • Blue Screen of Death
    • Computer freezing or not starting
    • “Operating System Not Found” or “Missing Operating System” messages
    • Noisy Hard Drive

  • Virus Removal
  • Computer viruses are more aggressive than ever before and some of the most common threats are the hardest to detect. Often, malicious software can be designed to invisibly track the sites you visit, what products you buy, and the emails and messages you send while online. Your personal information is at risk from malware accessing your email, social networks, bank accounts, and more.

    Even the best anti-virus software is only a preventative measure, since Hackers are always coming out with new viruses and malware to infect your PC. We can get your system cleaned up and running like new with our in depth system cleaning.

    It doesn’t matter how you got it, we can get it off your computer in no time at all! There are more than 1,000,000 kinds of viruses, ranging from the “nasty” ones that hide or delete your data to the “scary” ones that send your information out to the hackers. And the worst part is, the harder you try to get rid of them, the deeper they get. The best thing to do when you have a virus is bring it in immediately. The sooner we get it, the less information you could be losing.

    We offer a great virus removal service!

  • System Optimization
  • Whether your computer is not infected, much like automobiles, computers need maintenance to keep them in top running order. Just as sludge builds up in a car’s engine, junk files and installation leftovers can gum up a computer’s hard disk. Dust gets trapped inside the case, resulting in added heat which slows down the circuitry and shortens component life.

    The system optimization boosts computer speed, repairs registry and extends battery life. Experts recommend to have a complete system optimization (tune up) at least twice a year.

    Bring us your computer and we will have it running at peak performance!

  • Security & Protection
  • Ensure you have maximum protection against hackers and malicious software that can steal or destroy your personal information. We will identify all the major avenues of attack and help you decide on the best security settings and software to keep you safe without getting in your way.

    We offer efficient and affordable solutions for security and data protection.

  • Software installation
  • Running on Windows XP or Vista and looking to boost your computer with Windows 7, Windows 8 or the latest Windows 10? We offer a complete solution for our customers. Bring in your desktop or laptop and you won’t be able to recognize it when you get it back. You won’t believe how having a better operating system can improve your hardware’s performance. Our service will complete the following steps:

    • Data backup. We will save your pictures, documents, music and videos (if requested).
    • Hard disk format. To ensure there is no physical damage to your hard drive.
    • Windows install. 32bit or 64bit according to your processor speed, motherboard and memory.
    • Complete drivers and Microsoft updates.
    • Basic software like adobe reader, flash player and java.
    • Webcam management software like Youcam.
    • DVD player software like Nero Showtime or PowerDVD.
    • CD/DVD Burning software like Nero Burner or Power2Go.
    • Anti-virus software (if requested)
    • Performance boost and optimization.

  • Upgrades
  • The most common upgrades requested from our customers, are random access memory (RAM) upgrades and hard drive upgrades.

    Even though you have your computer optimized and running at top speed, you might experiment that it runs slows or freezes from time to time. This happens because technology is changing so fast that better software is being developed everyday to improve your experience when using your computer to enhance family pictures, edit sound and video or surf the web. These changes assume you have certain amount of memory installed on your computer in order to let the software perform as it is supposed to.

    Assuming you bought your computer a few years ago and you like storing pictures, music, videos and movies. Sooner or later you will have to upgrade your hard drive with a larger one with more gigabytes. Instead of just buying an external solution and having to carry it wherever you go, you can upgrade your hard drive keeping everything that you already have: operating system, installed software and your important data.

  • Tablet & iPad repair
  • One drop face-down on a hard surface and you could be the victim of a cracked glass, LCD, or worse. We understand that these situations happen, and we are here to help. We offer:

    • Screen and digitizer replacement.
    • Charging port repair or replacement.
    • Password reset.
    • Operating system restore.

    Wait no more and bring your iPad or tablet for an affordable and reliable fix!

  • Xbox, Play Station, Wii repair
  • Why wait weeks and pay high prices for Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo to repair your console? We offer the same professional repairs at a fraction of the cost of the manufacturers. At Innova Computers LLC we realize how important it is that you have a trusted professional for all your console repairs. That's why we specialize in Xbox, Play Station, and Wii repairs.

    We use only the latest professional techniques and equipment to not only repair your game console, but clean and restore it to proper working condition. We're so confident in our methods and experience that we warranty all Xbox repairs, Play Station repairs, and Wii repairs.

    Most common game console issues include: freezing up, no power, overheating, problems reading games or discs, blinking lights, no video, error screens, etc.